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We have another exciting issue of the Bulletin, and we hope that you enjoy the papers that are included. We have an important summary of a conference that occurred in London, an historical essay on Florence Nightingale, and two empirical articles, one on the importance of using scales that appropriately measure extreme values of fatigue among patients with ME/CFS, and the other involving the evidence for T-helper 2 shift and association with illness parameters.

We are sad to report that this will be David Bell's last issue as Editor, and he will be leaving our Board. He has been a most important editor as our Bulletin has grown over the past few years. His presence will be sorely missed.

We encourage you to send us your best theory and empirical papers. Papers can be submitted to We are gradually becoming one of the important sites to publish work in our field of ME/CFS and FM studies. Please remember that our next issue will be in December.


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