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Note from the Editor


The Spring 2010 issue of the IACFS/ME Bulletin is here! This issue of the Bulletin presents three very different contributions reflecting the desire of the editorial board to publish on a wide variety of topics involving fatigue.  In a letter to the editor, Dr. Judy Mikovits responds to questions from the research community regarding reproducibility of her initial XMRV findings in a sample of patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  In an effort to clarify some of the questions that have arisen, Dr. Mikovits provides the methodology she and other researchers currently use to identify XMRV.  In her hypothesis paper, Dr. Ekua Brenu discusses vasoactive neuropeptide (VN) dysfunction as a possible pathophysiological process associated with the etiology of CFS/ME.  Finally, Susan Levine, a clinician/researcher contributes a case series of CFS patients that have undergone Head Upright Tilt Table Testing  (HUT) in her office.  She speculates that HUT in addition to a strong history of autonomic dysfunction might be associated with functional disability in some individuals with CFS. 

I am sure that our readers will enjoy this issue of the IACFS/ME Bulletin and hope that many of you will consider the ‘Bulletin’ for future submissions of your work.  Our effort to increase the visibility and readership of the ‘Bulletin’ is only possible with your continued  input and scientific contributions.  Thank you!

Gudrun Lange, PhD

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