ME/CFS Primer/Education Bulletins Note from the Editor

The Summer 2010 issue of the IACFS/ME Bulletin presents two critical reviews of therapeutic modalities studies that are used to treat individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). David Sampson challenges White et al.’s conclusions of their Graded Exercise Treatment study and Bart Stouten and colleagues examine some additional data pertaining to Prins et al.’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy trial in CFS.  We are aware that the use of these two treatment modalities for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a topic that is at times heatedly debated. Thus, providing some intellectual spice for our readership in this physically hot season might just be the right impetus to kick the Bulletin off to a Fall with lots of new submissions. 

As you return home from vacation and settle back into your academic and professional routines, please consider the IACFS/ME Bulletin when submitting your works for publication. Have a good rest of the summer!

Gudrun Lange, PhD