ME/CFS Primer/Education Bulletins Comparing Two Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria in a Cohort of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients

Kristen Kaseeska, B.A., Molly Brown, M.A., Leonard A. Jason, Ph.D.

DePaul University

Center for Community Research


The authors appreciate the financial assistance provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (grant number AI49720).


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Two different diagnostic criteria for Fibromyalgia,1, 2 produced by The American College of Rheumatology were compared with a chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) sample.  While the original Wolfe et al¹ criteria included a patient’s tender points, the newer Wolfe et al² criteria introduced a total of 44 somatic symptoms in addition to areas of pain throughout the body.  The original criteria identified fewer patients with CFS as having co-occurring Fibromyalgia than the newer criteria.  In addition, the 1990 criteria better differentiated physical functioning limitations among those with and without Fibromyalgia.  The implications of these findings are discussed.