ME/CFS Primer/Education Bulletins Note from the Editor

Dear Readers,       

We have just had a very successful biennial conference in Ottawa! I am asking all presenters to consider submitting their papers to the Bulletin for potential publication in our upcoming issues. Your input helps us to sustain this important source of new information for the CFS/ME professional community.    

I would like to thank Dr. Gudrun Lange for her outstanding service as editor of the Bulletin over the past 3 years. She has single-handedly sustained a regular publishing schedule for the journal. This has included journal publicity and promotion, the processing and peer review of submissions, and the finalizing of each published issue in conjunction with our web designer. No small task! 

Gudrun is stepping down with the publication of this issue. She has truly been a great asset to the IACFS/ME by helping to enhance our visibility as a strong and unique professional organization. She will be missed.

I will be assuming the editorship of the Bulletin. My first goal is to strongly encourage submissions from both scientists and clinicians. We welcome data-based papers, literature reviews, case studies, and letters to the editor.   

One important source of submissions has been physicians in private practice who have admirably taken the time to collect, analyze, and present clinical data in the formal style of a journal paper.  We also have submissions from full-time researchers who recognize the value of a journal devoted to CFS/ME and illness fatigue more generally.

Our active peer review process will strengthen the paper you submit and if accepted, get it published.  

With best regards,


Fred Friedberg, PhD
President, IACFS/ME