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Call for Award Nominations

The IACFS/ME is seeking nominations for awards to be presented at the 9th International Conference in Reno in March of 2009.  

In addition to the traditional  1) Rudy Perpich Memorial Lectureship,  2) Junior Investigator,  3) Special Service and  4) Gantz Memorial Outstanding Clinician awards of previous years, we are adding up to 3 new research awards as described below.  All award recipients will receive free registration to attend the conference(s).  $1000 will be awarded to the Perpich, Junior Investigator, Gantz and the new research award recipients to help offset expenses of conference attendance.  [Note that current IACFS/ME board members are not eligible for awards]  

Please carefully consider potential nominees for the awards and submit names for our consideration.  It would be helpful to include a brief explanation of why you think they should receive the award.

Thanks!  We need your input.

Send your nominations to:

Lucinda Bateman, MD
Fatigue Consultation Clinic
1002 E. South Temple, Suite 408
Salt Lake City,  UT  84102

The Rudy Perpich Memorial Lectureship:

The Governor Rudy Perpich Memorial Lectureship Award is named after the late Minnesota Governor who provided tremendous enthusiasm, encouragement, and support to the IACFS/ME at its inception, and was instrumental in promoting ME/CFS to governmental and political figures.  Nominees should be well known in the ME/CFS/FM field and must have made considerable contributions to research.  Awardees are expected to attend the IACFS/ME Banquet and present a brief speech.  

Rudy Perpich Awardees:
Dharam Ablashi, D.V.M. (2007)
Dedra Buchwald, MD (2004)
Daniel Peterson, MD (2003)
Tony Komaroff, MD (2001)
Phillip Lee, MD (1998)
Alexis Shelokov, MD (1996)

Junior Investigator:

An MD or PhD who has more recently become involved in ME/CFS/FM research is eligible for the Junior Investigator Award. This award was established to encourage new ME/CFS/FM researchers by recognizing their interest, talent, and work.

Junior Investigator Awardees:
Elke van Hoof, Ph.D. (2007)
Susan Torres-Harding, Ph.D. (2004)
Dane B. Cook, Ph.D.    (2003)
Richard Herrell, Ph.D. (2001)
Pascale De Becker, Ph.D. (1998)


Special Service:

Each year since 2001, the IACFS/ME has recognized extraordinary individuals outside the field of research who have contributed substantially to those with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia or related illnesses.  This category may include advocates, leaders, practitioners, supporters, or any person who has lent special effort or talent to the field.

Special Service Awardees:
Kristin Thorson (2007)
Christine Hunter, Australia’s Allison Hunter Foundation and MEYA/ ME Young Adults,  and Judy Basso, Minnesota CFS & FM Association (2004)
Orvalene Prewitt, Founder & President of the National CFS & FM Association (2003)
Kim Kenney McCleary, Executive Director, CFIDS Association of America (2001)

Gantz Memorial Outstanding Clinician:

The IACFS/ME created the Gantz Memorial Outstanding Clinician Award to honor a lighthearted, passionate and unforgettable clinician, Nelson Ganz.  Colleagues remarked that he had “an uncanny ability to find his way to the correct diagnosis.”  He was one of the first clinicians to study the 1983 Lake Tahoe outbreak of ME/CFS, contributed to the international case definition of ME/CFS, and was an empathetic caregiver to many PWCs.  Nelson probably will be best remembered for his signature bow tie, his perpetual grin, and his infectious sense of humor.  Nelson Gantz died on June 20, 2006 after a long bout with colon cancer.  The Outstanding Clinician Award will be awarded to a physician who emulates Gantz’s clinical acumen, his passion for medicine, and his empathy for persons with ME/CFS/FM.  

Nelson Gantz Outstanding Clinician Awardees:
Daniel Peterson, M.D. (2007)

Investigator Awards (new):   

Starting in 2009 the IACFS/ME will recognize up to three investigators, at any career stage and from a variety of fields, who have engaged in promising, original and creative research that may lead to a better understanding of ME/CFS or FM.  These awards are designed to encourage and reward researchers for their important contribution to the field of ME/CFS and FM.