ME/CFS Primer/Education Newsletters Letter from Ellen Goudsmit

Dear all,

I don't know if there's a section in the Bulletin relating to news of members but if there is, it might cheer people up to know that I've just been elected a Fellow of the BPS. Among the work they considered was the development of pacing for ME, creating awareness of the condition in Holland and the UK (including the period as editor and regular contributor to patient magazines in both countries), plus earlier work on premenstrual syndrome, post-natal depression and the psychologisation of illness. My cautious attitude to the CBT model was not held against me, obviously.

Given I've had ME for most of my life and didn't have the resources of Universities when writing up the research from my PhD, I'm extremely happy. I've virtually retired, due to the illness, but still write the odd letter, book review and help with research at UEL.



Ellen M. Goudsmit PhD FBPsS
Chartered Psychologist
Registered Health Psychologist
Visiting Research Fellow UEL

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