ME/CFS Primer/Education Nutrition
The Pacific Fatigue Lab is seeking women diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to complete a Dietary Intake survey. The main purpose of this research project is to understand commonalities and differences in dietary intake among CFS patients and compare those values with normative data. This will allow general nutrition guidelines to be generated specifically for CFS patients.

If you are interested in being apart of the study, you will be expected to participate in the following:

Meet the criteria for the study: Female, diagnosed by a physician with CFS, at least 18 years of age

Contact the researchers listed below
Complete a brief online demographic and consent form
Complete an online diet history questionnaire which will take approximately one hour to complete. You may stop and start the questionnaire at anytime. You will be provided with a specific user name and password to access the site; this will require you to have computer and internet access.

Please contact Alexandra Caspero, Graduate Research Assistant for the Pacific Fatigue Lab at University of the Pacific, if you would like to be apart of this foundational study.

W: (209) 946-7606

F: (209) 846-3902�