ME/CFS Primer/Education Research Grants Private Funding Sources Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Office of Grants and Special Programs
4000 Jones Bridge Rd.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Through its grants to individuals and institutions, HHMI supports the efforts of scientists and educators, colleges and universities, museums, and biomedical research organizations. These grants are transforming the ways research is conducted and science is taught and understood.
The largest privately funded education initiative of its kind in the United States, HHMI's grants program is enhancing science education for students at all levels, from the earliest grades through advanced training. Since 1988 HHMI has awarded approximately $1.5 billion in grants.
Grants awarded by HHMI fit within two general categories: research grants for individuals and science education grants for institutions. Most HHMI grants are awarded through competitions that have specific objectives and eligibility criteria; thus, HHMI does not encourage and rarely funds unsolicited grant proposals.