Organization Leadership of the IACFS/ME Jon D. Kaiser, MD

Board Member

Dr. Jon Kaiser has been treating patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, HIV/AIDS, Cancer and other immune system disorders for the past twenty-five years.  He is a Clinical Instructor at the Department of Medicine, University of California San Francisco Medical School and Medical Director of K-PAX Pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Kaiser was the principle investigator of a study published in the Journal of AIDS in 2006 showing that broad-spectrum micronutrient therapy can strengthen the immune systems of people with immune deficiency disorders. 
As Medical Director of K-PAX Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Kaiser is currently coordinating the development of a new treatment for CFS/ME that is based on enhancing mitochondrial energy production. The second of two clinical trials investigating this treatment is scheduled to complete in early 2015.
Dr. Kaiser has written two books on improving immune system health – Immune Power and Healing HIV - and is well known for his lectures on optimizing immune function.
Dr. Kaiser’s goal is to help patients and healthcare providers treat complex medical conditions utilizing an integration of natural and standard medical treatments.