Organization Presidential Letter


Dear Members and Colleagues,

I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to all attendees and presenters at our 2011 biennial international conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Sept. 22‐25). We had a strong turnout for our general scientific and clinical sessions as well as our professional workshops. Our patient conference was also well‐received. A big thank you goes to Lydia Neilson the CEO of the National ME/FM Action Network of Canada for her substantial work to make the conference a success. The Ottawa location (and the warm autumn weather) were particularly attractive.

Highlights of the conference included exercise testing studies that substantiate post‐exertional symptom exacerbation, a debate about the utility of tender points in fibromyalgia diagnosis, and the presentation and discussion of a recently published ME definition (International Consensus Criteria).
Also we paid particular attention to your feedback about the meeting.

Although we increased the number of clinical workshops and presentations in Ottawa, feedback indicated that attendees wanted more clinical information to help their patients. So this will be actively considered as we plan our next conference.

We invite your input about the location and content of our next biennial meeting. We are particularly interested in conference venues that offer some level of supportive funding or other financial incentives.

Also, if you would like to become more actively involved in one of our committees (fundraising, journal, newsletter, membership, international issues), please contact me (

With best regards,


Fred Friedberg, PhD